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This episode of the legendary professional wrestling TV series screened on March 17 1981. Barry Holland and Steve Rickard host while Ernie Leonard moves to a producer role. Rickard welcomes locals and viewers from Kenya, Tanzania, Hong Kong and Malaysia. On the Mat mainstay Mark Lewin features prominently, appearing in tag action before reminiscing about a fiery battle with King Curtis in Japan. Things don't get any better as he's attacked by the Voodoo crazed Big Mullumba. Local star Johnny Garcia and Samoan Joe battle it out in the night's main event. 


A backgrounder by Shanan Gough and Adam Simpson 03.02.2010

Professional wrestling first appeared on New Zealand television as Big Time Wrestling in 1973. The show was filmed in Australia by American promoter James E. Barnett. Steve Rickard often co-promoted with Barnett and as a result ...

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Credits (4)

 John Lye
 Ernie Leonard
 Steve Rickard

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Comments (9)

 Peter Messano

Peter Messano

Another good episode of On the Mat. Did they mention Bret Hart as in The Hitman? Mark Lewin was great. Samoan Joe was good.



Am saddened there's not more episode left in the archives, my godfather, with whom I've recently reunited was known as " Tarzan Tyler" and later as "dr death", was hoping to see him in action. Unfortunately I can't even locate a photograph. Any photos or footage would be greatly appreciated. I expect it's a long shot, but any info please email me at

 Child of Wrestler

Child of Wrestler

Lol at your comment Wayne Righton... You are spot on, Yes it's always only been about Steve Rickard!!

 Hamish Towgood

Hamish Towgood

Ronald Love, TVNZ have only a few full episodes left, they taped over them all many years ago, according to the last email I sent them about it.

 Ronald Love

Ronald Love

This is great, it would be awesome if TVNZ would re-run On The Mat!!! My step father (Jim Gray) worked for many years at the Hutt Park Hotel and is almost like a fourth son to Steve. Great wrestler and promoter!!!

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