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This episode of the legendary professional wrestling series screened in March 1981. Barry Holland and the late Steve Rickard host (Ernie Leonard has moved behind the scenes into a producer role). Rickard welcomes locals and viewers from Kenya, Hong Kong and Malaysia. On the Mat mainstay Mark Lewin features prominently, appearing in tag action before reminiscing about a fiery battle with King Curtis in Japan. Things don't improve as he's attacked by the Voodoo-crazed Big Mullumba. The main event sees local star Johnny Garcia and Samoan Joe battling it out.


A backgrounder by Shanan Gough and Adam Simpson 03.02.2010

Professional wrestling first appeared on New Zealand television as Big Time Wrestling in 1973. The show was filmed in Australia by American promoter James E. Barnett. Wrestler turned wrestling promoter Steve Rickard often ...

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Credits (6)

 John Lye
 Ernie Leonard
 Steve Rickard

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Wow Don Mason what a revelation! Next you'll tell me Shortland Street isn't actually a documentary! Or that Thingy was just a puppet! Say it ain't so.

 Owen Baxter

Owen Baxter

I remember watching this stuff when I was a kid. Really silly but a lot of fun!

 Neil Leathers

Neil Leathers

Rest In Peace Steve Rickard.Your efforts for New Zealand will always be remembered.

 D Pemberton

D Pemberton

RIP Steve Rickard thanks for the years of great wrestling you bought to New Zealand

 Don Mason

Don Mason

Why does everyone ignore the elephant in the room? This was fake. Audiences were treated like idiots. The whole concept is nonsense ... What absolute rubbish.

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This time in Tokyo two weeks ago, that's when you really got me. That's when you shot the fire at me. You used your power, but there's no power like the power of having friends and thank God I have the friends here. 
Mullumba has Lewin around the throat. He's driving the voodoo doll into the neck of Mark Lewin. Mark Lewin behind the ropes, behind the ropes and frothing at the mouth...