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You Don't Know Me

Autozamm , Music Video – 2004

from the EP A Shade of Brown (2004)

One can imagine the concept for Ed Davis' hysterically violent clip looking rather average on paper — "band beats snot out of each other" — but what results is a chaotic spectacle of raw energy. Against the backdrop of Wellington's abandoned Wrights Hill gun emplacements, a photo shoot quickly devolves into mayhem, with fists flying in an all-out brawl.  Amidst the chaos, the band still manage to lip-synch their lines with fierce determination. The video was shot in one continuous take (plus one sneaky cut). The footage was sped up in the edit. After the clip, a behind-the-scenes clip reveals more.  


The original footage was shot freeform then retimed with Twixtor to time with the music. In fact the clip stars on the RE:VISION FX website, to show off the capabilities of Twixtor.
– Director Ed Davis on using Twixtor editing software to speed up the original footage, March 2009

Key Cast & Crew

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Ed Davis