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With stints as an All Black, Springbok triallist, sports presenter, National MP, and sometime celebrity chef, Grahame Thorne has experienced his share of fame. But perhaps his hottest 15 minutes came after he dared to present the sports news one day in 1983 ... with a perm. The ensuing national trauma inspired headlines, irate phonecalls, and “curls are for girls” banners at rugby games. Sadly the perm’s freshest incarnation is lost to the archives, and this slightly grown-out version is the only extant evidence of a key moment in Kiwi fashion history.

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 Graham Thorne
 Philip Sherry

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What was he thinking, lol!

 Iain Eggleton

Iain Eggleton

Not long after he turned up at Lancaster Park to do comments on a rugby match and walked out in front of the infamous No 5 stand with Kieth Quinn to do a 'stand up' There wasn't a lot of respect shown by the Canty students on the bank to a 'permed' former All Black' the commotion ruined the whole live cross with bottles and jeering. Thorny would do anything for publicity..then and now.

 Gwen macready

Gwen macready

I named my curly haired dog after him.

 Trevor Ayson

Trevor Ayson

I remember the furore - and ridicule - over Graeme's perm. Hard to believe it's nearly three decades ago. A few years ago while working as a journalist I rang Graeme for a comment on an unrelated story, but wisely decided against asking him about "that hairstyle."

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It was great because you could just get out of the shower, give it a shake and Bob's your uncle. And the women loved it.