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Old Scores Film (Excerpts) – 1991 Sport Drama Comedy

Old Scores

Film (Excerpts) – 1991 Sport Drama Comedy

PG Parental Guidance
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A death-bed confession from a touch judge leads to a repeat of a test match between the All Blacks and Wales played 25 years earlier — with the same players. Before the footy, a former Welsh star is forced to face up to a past romance. Mateships and rivalries are rekindled in this genial "what if" yarn, that celebrates and satirises two nations' rugby obsessions. It won best screenplay and supporting actor (John Bach) at 1992's NZ Film Awards. The cast saw former All Blacks and Welsh rugby reps playing alongside acting greats from both countries.

Don't you come your Welsh malarchy with me, sunshine. Your own bloody touch judge told me that Bleddyn bloody Morgan stepped fair and square into touch - and what's more, he wrote it down in a death bloody bed confession.
– Winston Macatamney (Peter Gwynne)