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Hero image for Midweek with Holmes - Walkshorts

Midweek with Holmes - Walkshorts

Television (Full Length) – 1989

This report from current affairs show Midweek with Holmes mourns a New Zealand fashion death. The once ubiquitous polyester walkshort, knee sock and sensible shoe combination was no more, with sales of the male civil servant uniform falling off a cliff. Reporter Anita McNaught looks at the history of this fashion phenomenon and finds its roots in the 'Bombay bloomers' worn by Kiwi soldiers in the Middle East in WWll. McNaught has trouble finding walkshort fans in the fashion departments of major retailers, but in one region of New Zealand nylon socks and hairy thighs and knees will never go out of style. 

While he did not believe the fashion craze would make an proper comeback, the fundraiser was an acknowledgement of an "interesting time in New Zealand history" ... Participants could wear their finest walkshorts and socks combo, possibly a short sleeve shirt, elastic tie and roman sandals or slip-on shoes to celebrate the former trend, as well as supporting a great cause.
– Article on 'Walk Short Wednesday' fundraiser Andrew Moreton, The Southland Times, 10 December 2014