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Orange Roughies was a 'border security' drama series following a Police and Customs task force led by Danny Wilder (Australian actor Nicholas Coughan). Made by ScreenWorks for TV ONE the production was a Kiwi take on the Aussie water police procedural, with the action transferred to Auckland Harbour and CBD. Storylines included drugs busts, undercover ops and plenty of motorised chase action; this excerpt from the first episode sees Customs Officer Jane Durant (McLeod's Daughters' Zoe Naylor) board a ship suspected of trafficking children from China.

Credits (8)

 Chris Bailey
 Chris Hampson
 Greg McGee

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For a New Zealand drama that was stopped stone dead because it was supposedly not good enough it seems to have been rescreened an 'awful lot'.

I enjoyed it the first time around and was very annoyed when it ended without any consultation.

The first couple of episodes were slightly self conscious and leaden but raced ahead in the further episodes. I still don't understand why they canned it. It was getting better and better.

I see it as a bit of a cult classic now.

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