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  1. The titles sequence for Radio with Pictures


By 1987, TVNZ’s music video show Radio with Pictures was 12 years old — and producer (and future MTV Europe boss) Brent Hansen was looking to inject into the show some of the visual style now being exhibited by MTV. He approached artist and musician Fane Flaws and gave him carte blanche to create new titles for the show. Animation was a new field for Flaws; but, using the Eastern tinged, koto-driven composition ‘Calamity’ (by former Crocodiles band mate Peter Dasent) as his theme music, he created a unique and strikingly surreal piece that won him a TV Award.

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Simulcasting... i remember spending many hours of my youth watching the fuzzy tv picture coupled to the then new stereo fm broadcast.

 Chris R L Allen

Chris R L Allen

Do you have the opening titles featuring animated morphing which had a couch floating around the room? This clip is not with the other opening titles on the RWP/Grunt listing.
Chris R L Allen



33-40 seconds shows exactly what happened in the brains of music fans watching RWP. 44-46 seconds shows their parents.


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He just seemed such a left field kind of individual. I loved his visuals, I loved his style, his graphics and his art and I thought he should make the title sequence. 
It was really primitive animation because I didn’t really know what I was doing. I animated by instinct which is kind of nice but it’s definitely not sophisticated. 


1989 Listener Film and Television Awards
Best Production/Graphic Design