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Hero image for The Underwatermelon Man and Other Unreasonable Rhymes

The Underwatermelon Man and Other Unreasonable Rhymes

Short Film (Full Length) – 2006

The Underwatermelon Man and Other Unreasonable Rhymes began life as a bestselling kids book and CD by Fane Flaws, writer Arthur Baysting and composer Peter Dasent. The full psychedelic potential of the music was unleashed when Flaws and Dylan Coburn (TV series Avengers Assemble) animated each short tale, to create New Zealand's first video album. Talents like the Finn brothers, John Clarke, Che Fu and Chris Knox give voice to 25 tales of marvellous freaks and fancies — including lost cutlery, girls with x-ray eyes and James Bond-style tune 'The Man Who Never Was'Details of exactly who sang what are listed here.

[Fane] Flaws' delightful, dazzlingly colourful animation is a treat, and with short songs which don't patronise kids with moronically repetitive melodies and inane lyrics, this is one of those repeat-play items which is timeless in its humour and which doesn't outstay its welcome at 40 minutes.
– Writer Graham Reid on the film version of The Underwatermelon Man, Elsewhere website, 25 January 2012