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  1. The opening titles to this programme.


This selection is three variations on the opening titles for TVNZ's 80s rock show. The theme music is 'This Heaven' by Auckland synth pop act Marginal Era; the mid-80s can also be seen in the pink colour choice and in the nascent computer graphics. Variations among the three sequences lie in the contemporary and vintage artists chosen in the montages of video excerpts — but all are bookended by classic pop images of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. 

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Comments (4)

 TV Chick

TV Chick

We have the RadPix opening titles featuring shots of Weelington and the car driving through the Terrace Tunnel, here at the TVNZ Television Archive :)

 chevy levy

chevy levy

Does anyone remember the early 80's opening with the car going thru the tunnel then the streets of Wellington, sped up filming? please get a copy of that as everyone was bought up on that intro

 Thee Trev Ov Palmerson North

Thee Trev Ov Palmerson North

My personal favourite was the sequence that used Nina Hagen - "Hermann Hiess Er".

 peter grattan

peter grattan

Excellent! Try and get the original sequence too.... 1976 thru early 80s, edited by Peter McLisky, music was Frankenstein by Edgar Winter Group.


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