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Reluctant Revolutionary mines a wealth of then-new interviews to trace David Lange's rise from pudgy doctor's son to lawyer, to Prime Minister leading the country through radical change. Along the way writer/director Tom Scott asks how a man as gifted as Lange allowed his Government to collapse around him after only five years in office. The film includes rare input from National leader Jim McLay (who praises Lange's wit at university), Rogernomics architect Roger Douglas, and the first ever TV interview with Lange's second wife Margaret Pope.

Credits (9)

 Tom Scott
 Danny Mulheron
 Owen Ferrier-Kerr

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 Mark Andrews

Mark Andrews

What a great show, very informative.
Interesting relationships between the Labour Government back then.



Great documentary. Bassett's contributions were the most interesting particularly as regards the breach of confidence in Cabinet.

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 Direct Hit Productions


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The trouble with Mr Lange, Mr Prebble offered in more than one compliment he delivered, was that he was so damn smart he was probably bored most of his life, which seemed to hit the mark. 
... they were all incredibly candid. And they were nicer about each other than they would have been even 15 years later. A lot of the old anger had died down and they thought 'let's just tell the truth'. 
It's hard to imagine anything worse in politics than such an open falling out. It made the Government dysfunctional. It meant a constant barrage of unfavourable writing, unfavourable reporting. I just can't think of a worse way to run a Government than what happened after 1987. 


2005 New Zealand Screen Awards
Nominated for Best Presenter - Entertainment/Factual: Tom Scott