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Saving Grace sees spiky street kid Grace (Kirsty Hamilton) get taken in by enigmatic carpenter, Gerald (Jim Moriarty). As Grace falls under (much older) Gerald's spell she's flummoxed by his claim that he is the messiah. Could Gerald be Jesus of Cuba Street or is he a delusional dole bludger? The screenplay was adapted by Duncan Sarkies (Scarfies) from his stage play. Botes' dramatic feature debut converted fewer viewers than his prior film, the classic hoodwinker Forgotten Silver; though critic Nicholas Reid welcomed an NZ film "with style and brains". 

Credits (17)

 Costa Botes
 Larry Parr
 Duncan Sarkies

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It’s a real pleasure to welcome a New Zealand feature film with style and brains. 
That’s what movies can do best. They can bend reality and explore dreamlike states ... I love surrealism, but I’m not into fantasy, as such. I like being on a cusp between what’s solid and what’s not. The same sensibility or balance in Duncan’s writing really attracted me, as theatre critic Denis Welch cleverly pointed out about Sarkies’ work: ‘It’s more ‘realism’ than ‘sur’. 
He understood Gerald, because in all the most positive ways, he's not unlike him. Far from being the macho man I'd feared, Jim's a lovely, nurturing kind of guy, full of irrepressible positive energy. He was a tonic for me and all the crew. 


1997 NZ Film and TV Awards
Best Feature Film Score: Plan 9
Best Soundtrack - Feature Film: John Boswell, Mike Hedges, Tim Prebble and Chris Todd

Festivals include
1999 Fantasporto, 1998 Montreal World Film Festival, 1998 Chicago, 1998 Puchon International Fantasy Film Festival, 1997 Valladolid, 1997 Asia-Pacific Film Festival,