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K' Road Stories - $cratch

Web (Full Length) – 2015

K' Rd Stories was a 2015 series of shorts celebrating one of Auckland’s most colourful strips. In this entry, Dan and Dwayne are “two lovable hustlers with an entrepreneurial spirit trying to scratch a living on the fringes of K Road”. $cratch documents the pair’s efforts to gain entry to the Las Vegas strip club, set up a pop-up tinny shop, and find a girlfriend (“a lot of girlfriends I had in the past gave me nothing but children!”). Dwayne is played by Dwayne Sisson, who co-starred with $cratch director Clint Rarm in Zoe McIntosh’s 2013 rogue-life tale The Deadly Ponies Gang.

And as for the power ... just as well we know a sparky. Good ol' Uncle Nev. Free power from the Council: working out real good!
– Dwayne on powering his pop-up tinny shop

Key Cast & Crew

Generic Profile image for Dwayne Sisson

Dwayne Sisson

As: Dwayne

Profile image for Hazel Gibson

Hazel Gibson


Generic Profile image for Clint Rarm

Clint Rarm

Producer, Director, Writer, Sound

Generic Profile image for Bo Liew King

Bo Liew King

As: Kite Flyer

Generic Profile image for Courtney Jayne Delieu

Courtney Jayne Delieu

As: Courtney

Generic Profile image for Paul Brockwell

Paul Brockwell

As: Stick Mag Seller

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Produced by

Tuesday Best


Tuesday Best