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Made for a TVNZ arts show, this revealing documentary looks at how the strings were pulled to make Peter Jackson's low-budget sophomore feature, Meet the Feebles. An old Wellington railway shed fizzes with energy and imagination as a team peppered with future Oscar-winners — Selkirk, Taylor and co — craft the gleefully subversive Muppets parody. Jackson muses on his influences, processes and propensity for "savage humour" in a fascinating interview. Included is footage of his childhood films — war movies and stop motion animation made with his first 8mm camera.

Credits (5)

 Kevin Isherwood
 Danny Mulheron
 Jamie Selkirk

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Finally! Had this on my computer for a while now, but in crap quality. Great to see it again.


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Included in:

 The Peter Jackson Collection


That’ll do Richard — good vomit work! 
I just think that movie-making is an extension of childhood fantasies. As a kid I was always playing with wooden bricks and creating castles and matchbox toys and creating little stories in my head ... and I don’t think I’ve grown out of that phase ... 
I never wanted to be a director. That was not my ambition for some time ... I just wanted to be a special effects man in movies ... 
One of my favourite quotes is from Alfred Hitchcock. He says, ‘I don’t mind films that are slices of life ... I make slices of cake’. 
You go inside the store where we keep them all [the puppets] and although they’re all lifeless and stuck on hooks or on poles, you actually know them all, and you almost expect them to turn and talk to you. And you know each of their characteristics and their personalities, it’s really weird ... we call it ‘Feebleitis’