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This first episode of this much-loved kids series explores all things to do with lighthouses. It begins with a visit to Nugget Point; then things get eclectic. Earnest informational TV is interspersed with psychedelic graphics, cartoons, a sea shanty ("I want to marry a lighthouse keeper"), and funky lighthouse-themed songs. We meet Don (a lighthouse stamp collector); uncover the mysteries of how a ship fits into a bottle; and the three young presenters deconstruct their attempts at painting lighthouses, including a fine abstract effort from Ray. Classic.

Credits (4)

 Murray Hutchinson
 Ray Millard
 Paul Donovan

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Comments (11)

 Paul Ward

Paul Ward | website

Cheers for your comments Ray - great context. If you let us know your co-presenters' names we'll add them to the credits.

 Ray Millard

Ray Millard

Ho - it's Ray here also going through a cringe at the accent & my nervous presentation. Oh dear those memories of dying "On Air" come flooding back!
But 1st Lara - I am very sorry for the way you were treated by our programme. It certainly was wrong for your embarrassment to be aired nationally on TV. TV were terrible for doing this and I do hope you will accept my apology on everybody's behalf.

We were compiling the programme "live" for the 1st 8x shows but in reality it probably took us about 6 months to get over our acute self consciousness. For the 1st 18months we were on air 2x a week and with a production team of only 5 to begin with we were extraordinarily busy. I also became adept at hiding my gaffs by distracting tactics when we viewed the programme as a team when it was on air.

Yes Moana the issue of accents really bugged the whole film & TV industries at that time. Kiwis wouldn't go to the movies for a NZ film because of it. It probably was "Shortland St" who finally made the breakthrough God bless them. Our model for all broadcasting was very much the BBC at that time. Our programme's format came from a British show called "Blue Peter". The accent was acceptable on radio but TV was a different ballgame. For "Spot On" though the breakthrough with accents came in the mid 70's with Ian Taylor & then Danny Watson who were very much "themselves" and were, in part, very popular because of it. But my 'doo was popular there with JohnM & bro' at least. I used to think they hired me for that hairstyle, and the ear-ring which wasn't a big fashion thing in those days.

The guitarists name is on the tip of my tongue Ritchie but it's commercial, not "in house". We had to get the theme music early so the animator - John Noakes could do all the drawings in time. We stewed over the name Spot On for ages because it was already a part of the vernacular so we were aware that it might date quite quickly. But in the end I think the programme endured for so long on it's own merits anyway.

"I want to marry a Lighthouse Keeper" goes way back to Music Hall day's (late18th-early19th century) at least . Murray Hutchinson had a big collection of old tapes which he used to plunder for inspiration occasionally with such classic takes on "I'm Henry the 8th I Am" & "With His Head Tucked Underneath His Arm" (-he walked the bloody tower) etc becoming repeated favourites on the show.

I'll show my youngest son these clips tonight as well and we'll all have a laugh about the good old days

 David Ritchie

David Ritchie | website

Choice! As you say, classic. "I Want To Marry A Lighthouse Keeper" was sung by Erika Eigen (and was on the "Clockwork Orange" soundtrack).

 Damien Service

Damien Service | website

Does anyone know whether the music was in-house or was it a commercial track?



Wots with the accents?! hahaha!!! they sound like a cross between South African and Kiwi... I'm glad its PC to speak like a Kiwi on TV nowadays.

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 NZ Broadcasting Corporation



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