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The new performers section of the NZBC’s TV talent quest concludes after 12 weeks of competition — with an incongruous line-up of finalists including two performing family acts, a soft rock group, a pub band, two cabaret singers and glam rockers Space Waltz competing for a $750 prize. It’s a reminder of the light entertainment industry that dominated TV music shows in the 1970s, but the real entertainment here is watching the judges (Phil Warren, Howard Morrison, Paddy O’Donnell and Nick Karavias) as they bicker, squabble and interrupt each other.

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 Garry Clark
 Ian Eggleton

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I recon we were the Darling group then

 Taylor Gibson

Taylor Gibson

Davina Henderson kissed ass- don't know what that silly judge was on about!!!!!!!!!

 Tanya Nikora

Tanya Nikora

Im looking for any old tv footage of my mother "ann picone"who was runner up in the new faces show she sung an original "love is a miracle" and take to the mountains

 peter grattan

peter grattan | website

Awesome!!! Avalon turning it on in the good ol' days.



I've been trying to find out more about the Hammond Family. I'm Jim Hammond's cousin Mike. I wrote a song called Amber, which they recorded on EMI in 1974 and I've often wondered what they are all doing now. Any information would be welcome. p.s. Lachlan the clip works here.

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 NZ Broadcasting Corporation


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