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Suzy Cato explores the workings of the digestive system in her science programme for five to nine year olds. A plate of baked beans is the starting point — but, first, the inevitable by-product of baked bean consumption is addressed in vox pops. Vinegar, funnels and pantyhose are just some of the aids Cato uses to simulate the process; and the changes are contrasted with untouched baked beans at each stage. The results aren't pretty but the explanation is clear and good natured — and the audience outside the studio is spared the resulting smells. 


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Good Suzy Nice Show



Thanks Suzy my class has watch these clips. My class has be learning about lighthouses and we saw your one with cape reianga lighthouse and we enjoyed it.



this is such a useful video, i am a big fan of suzie cato



hi suzy i love your show it's help me with school wor k and guess what i got a distinction award is'nt that great



i love this epic episode m
my class and i watced two times

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Science is all around us, and appeals to children's inquisitive nature because it gives them a better understanding of how things work and why things happen. (Suzy’s World) will bring science alive for children. It'll also make sure that understanding science and technology is enjoyable for everybody.