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Suzy's World - Cows

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1999

Popular kids presenter Suzy Cato presented this preschool science series. In this episode, Lucy the Friesian cow helps Cato explain how a paddock full of grass transforms into a carton of milk. Cato gathers a few "reckons" from young viewers as to how grass turns into milk. Then she dips into her prop bag of buckets, hoops, cartons and balloons, to show how a cow's digestive system works. Cato introduces biological names and terms easily and naturally, and throws in a few "cheesy" jokes to entertain. 

What do you think a cow should have for breakfast? I think it should have moo-seli, don't you?
– Presenter Suzy Cato pulls out a good cow joke

Key Cast & Crew

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Suzy Cato

Writer, Presenter

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Mary Phillips

Director, Producer

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Tony Mongan

Assistant Camera

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Mark Duncan

Sound Mix

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Paul Richards


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Alan Bennington

Science Advisor

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Treehut Productions