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  1. The Holidaymakers


The first single for Wellington band The Holidaymakers was a cover of a little known song by Bill Withers. It spent six weeks at number one and was the biggest selling single in NZ in 1988. With no budget at all, director Fane Flaws created a beautifully lit video that captures the song’s infectious brightness and warmth. With a collection of lamps the only concession to props or special effects, nothing detracts from the compelling performances by vocalists Peter Marshall and Mara Finau. Sweet Lovers won Best Video at the NZ Music Awards in 1988.

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Why don't they make 'em like this anymore?

 David G

David G

Dig the bro on the bass!

 Richard Hanna

Richard Hanna

Chunk of Kiwi pop Gold. Impossible not to smile through the whole clip.
Hi to Barbara, you look so cute in this Vid!



And the four chrome dangly things that are hit are all off the front of Zephyr cars.



My favourite bit of the story is that the lamps all belonged to to (or were borrowed by) the band members, as Flaws asked each to bring one in (quote about it here ). Talk about number 8 wire!

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 Fane Flaws
 Graeme Cowley

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