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  1. Part one of four. Full length episode of the Tangata Whenua series.

  2. Part two of four. Full length episode of the Tangata Whenua series.

  3. Part three of four. Full length episode of the Tangata Whenua series.

  4. Part four of four. Full length episode of the Tangata Whenua series.

  5. The credits from this episode.


Tangata Whenua was a groundbreaking six part documentary series. Barry Barclay directed and historian Michael King was writer, interviewer and narrator. Each episode (remarkably screening in primetime on Sunday nights in 1974) chronicled a different iwi and included interviews with kaumatua  a first for NZ screens. This episode looks at the people of Waikato, and focuses on the Kingitanga (King Movement), illustrating why a movement formed in the Waikato in the 19th century to halt land sales and promote Māori authority has contemporary relevance.


Tangata Whenua: A Gift to the Future by Paul Diamond [Ngāti Hauā, Te Rarawa, Ngā Puhi] 21.04.2009

Over six Sunday evenings in November and December 1974, New Zealand television screens became (primetime) windows into a Māori world still very foreign to many New Zealanders. About a million viewers watched Tangata Whenua, the six-part ...

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 Paul Ward

Paul Ward | website

Hi Graham, clearing rights to screen further episodes of the TW series is a long process. Presently the only way you can view the whole series would be to go into the Film Archive in Wellington or Auckland and watch it there.

 Graham Williams

Graham Williams

How can I get a copy of the whole series?

 Alma Andrews (nee Taupo)

Alma Andrews (nee Taupo)

Thank you, thank you, thank you Michael, Barry and John for giving us motion pictures of our kaumatua, kuia, whanau whanui and some stories as told by them back in the early 70's. Thankyou for your foresight so that we as uri can share with our tamariki mokopuna. Ka mau te wehi.

 Loretta Wilson

Loretta Wilson

Hi i'm looking for anything that you may have back dating from 1974 of Ripora Kukutai speking on the Tauranginui Marae as we are trying to get some info as we are the younger generation of her line and of parents do not know much.

 Tina Puru

Tina Puru

Awesome..very touching, brought tears to my eyes & to see my nana right at the end of clip 4 blew me away...thats exactly how I remember her back in the 70s in my childhood yrs

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Tangata Whenua broke the monocultural mould of New Zealand television. It gave Māori an opportunity to speak for themselves about their lives. It went some way to informing Pākehā New Zealanders about Māori attitudes and values, it whetted a Māori audience's appetite for more documentaries reflecting Māori viewpoints, and it opened the way for later programmes, such as Koha and Te Karere, produced by Māori.