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  2. Part two of two from this full length episode.


This first episode from the kidult series pits 12 year old Terry Teo, sister Polly and brother Ted against a gang of gunrunners led by crime boss Ray Vegas (former Goon Michael Bentine) after Terry skates down the wrong driveway and stumbles on the crims and their illegal arsenal. Terry was fondly remembered by Kiwi kids who grew up in the 80s. Taking cues from the Stephen Ballantyne and Bob Kerr comic it was based on, there are Batman-esque graphics and arcade game style animated sequences. Sean Duffy’s bald villain is called Curly and the bikie is Billy T.

Credits (31)

 Stephen Ballantyne
 Chris Bailey
 Logan Brewer

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Hi, I'm Adrian's sister. I dug out the old VHS given to him by the production company just last year and took it to this place to have it put onto DVD for my nephew's bday (he's 7 and the family still lives in Devo - thats why it was filmed there - Adrian's son is half japanese, thinks it is him in pics. they fked up the dvd copying big timeme from the vhs. just but off half way thru an episode. was so dumb!!!
if you want a copy, im
(nee rosalie bell)

 Clare Mansbridge

Clare Mansbridge

I wrote Terry Teo a fan letter when I was six, and signed it from Tracy Mansbridge! (Cos I thought Tracy was more sexy and cool sounding, e.g. & re: Coronation st. Tracy) He wrote back to me! But addressed it to Tracy Mansbridge..awkward conversation with Mum when I received a letter back from Terry Teo himself!!! But totally worth it. Awkward and obscure dreams DO come true!



This stuff is KIWI ICON GOLD..I am just remembering how simple life was back then...the toughtest part of your day was managing to burn home after school, get all your home work half done and rip into a k bar with a bag of jaffas for back up while watching TERRY TEO after school!!!CANT BEAT THE 80's



the foley is amazing

 Thomas Russell

Thomas Russell

Asked my girlfriend if she had ever seen it and too my amazement (born in 84) she said no lol... We are massive Rasta mouse fans and after watching Terry Teo it make me think they watched it too.. Reggae music Rasta everything and Skate boarding... Thank you from every sk8boarder in NZ from that time you gave us a better identity and incredible inspiration . You rule cast and crew,you rule.

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