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Freaky - First Episode Television (Full Length) – 2003 Drama Children

Freaky - First Episode

Television (Full Length) – 2003 Drama Children

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Anthology series Freaky set out to scare its young audience each week with three tales of terror and the fantastic. This first episode includes a pair of cautionary tales, and a cannibal story straight from a horror film. The first story sees a boy ignoring a warning sign on a broken waterslide, and ending up lost in a prehistoric jungle. The second features a girl in biology class learning worrying news about a teacher and fellow pupil. The last story involves a teenager who wishes for her own personalised radio station, and gets more than she bargains for.

Key Cast & Crew

Shara Connolly

As: Rachel - Radio story

Thomas Robins

Creator, Director, Associate Producer

Daniel Costello


Hey! You went down the broken slide, didn't ya? Well apparently it's got some timewarp thing in it and you like end up in a prehistorical jungle or something. Yeah, you don't wanna go down it eh. It's a bit dangerous.
– The lifeguard (Te Kawa Grace), in story 'Slide'