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  1. The first of four excerpts from this series.

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  3. The third of four excerpts from this series.

  4. The fourth of four excerpts from this series.

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In these excerpts from his last TV series — a family based sitcom — Billy T has to deal with his radical older daughter who wants to get a moko, a teenage boy trying to smuggle beer into his younger daughter’s birthday party, a defamation writ, and another tribe becoming his landlord. There are varying degrees of help from his wife (Ilona Rodgers), his aggressively dim Australian brother-in-law (Mark Hadlow) and his daughter’s painfully politically correct pakeha boyfriend (Mark Wright), as well as cameos from Temuera Morrison, Martin Henderson and Blair Strang.

Credits (39)

 Aileen O'Sullivan
 Malcolm Hall
 Bill Harman

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 Patrick TePou

Patrick TePou | website

This was an iconic sitcom with the late, great Billy T James - one of New Zealand's renowned entertainers. It was aired on TV3 in 1990 and rebroadcast by Maori Television in 2004/05 and, now, Comedy Central (SKY 015).

Produced by

 Isambard Productions


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The Cuzby Show 
There’s a sort of message in each one, mainly that we can laugh at ourselves and that it’s not necessarily a great sin to laugh at the expense of others. 
The basic concept was serviceable enough, and the leading players were the two most popular actors in the country. Yet the show had less kick to it than a poisoned possum. What went wrong? 


1986 GOFTA Awards
Best Entertainment Programme
Best Performance in a Non-Dramatic Role (Billy T James)