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This showcase for Arthur Baysting's sleazy, comedic alter-ego Neville ("on the level") Purvis ("at your service") is notorious for containing the first use of the f-word on NZ television. As a result, Baysting was banned and crossed the Tasman to find work (an irony given the show's anti-Australian jokes). The controversial utterance no longer exists — extant segments include a launch by PM Rob Muldoon, a tour of Avalon, a performance by Limbs Dance Company (including Mary-Jane O'Reilly), a visit to the Close to Home set, a garden gnome fan, and some Mark II Zephyr worship.

Credits (11)

 Aidre McEwen
 Arthur Baysting
 Danny Faye

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 Television One (TV One)


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Packed with trendies this place, more denim than a bistro bar on a Friday Night. 
Neville Purvis, a sort of urban Fred Dagg, a cross between Dame Edna Everage and Ian Kirkpatrick, if you can imagine such a thing.