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50 Years of New Zealand Television: 3 - Let Us Entertain You

Television (Full Length Episode) – 2010

This edition of Prime TV’s history of New Zealand television looks at 50 years of entertainment. The smorgasbord of music, comedy and variety shows ranges from 60s pop stars to Popstars, from the anarchy of Blerta to the anarchy of Telethon, from Radio with Pictures to Dancing with the Stars. Music television moves from C’mon and country, to punk and hip hop videos. Comedy follows the formative Fred Dagg and Billy T, through to Eating Media Lunch and 7 Days. A roll call of New Zealand entertainers muse on seeing Kiwis laugh, sing and shimmy on the small screen.

I had long hair and I spoke in a rough and ready manner. A lot of people were appalled, since they clearly thought that television was a sort of church service.
– John Clarke on the impact of Fred Dagg in the 1970s

Key Cast & Crew

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Billy T James


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Kevan Moore


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John Bates

Director, Producer

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Georgina Bakker

Production Manager

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Dan Apiata

Assistant Camera

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Jani Alexander

Production Manager

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Cream Media


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Greenstone TV


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