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  1. An excerpt from this New Zealand Wars episode.

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This excerpt from the first episode of James Belich’s award-winning history of Māori vs Pākehā armed conflict examines growing Māori resentment following the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi. The focus is on Ngā Puhi chief Hōne Heke, who sees few concessions to partnership. The refusal of the British to fly a Māori flag alongside the Union Jack particularly incenses him — and his celebrated acts of civil disobedience directed at this symbol of Imperial rule flying over the town Kororāreka (now Russell) lead to the outbreak of war in the north.

Credits (10)

 Tainui Stephens
 Colin McRae
 James Belich

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You can buy the DVDs from the Auckland Museum.



You would have to write to t.v nz, an request a copy from there archives, be aware kare everthing costs (pute) when it comes to the pakeha.

 Anatia Mehana

Anatia Mehana

can you buy the maori war series anywhere ?

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Each amputation asked this question — if the British could not protect their own flag, in the midst of one of their largest settlements, what could they protect? 


1998 Qantas Media awards
Best Documentary

1998 TV Guide Television Awards
Best Script, Factual Programme/Documentary (James Belich)

1998 Media Peace Awards
Best TV/Film Programme (Joint winner)