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New Zealand Day at Waitangi

Television (Excerpts) – 1974

In 1973 Prime Minister Norman Kirk announced that the anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi would be a unifying national holiday called New Zealand Day. The inaugural 1974 day featured a royal entourage, was watched by 20,000 people and screened live for TV. Excerpts include the Aotearoa pageant (from giant moa to the Age of Aquarius, including kapa haka, settler cabaret, and Howard Morrison as Kupe), and Kirk’s iconic — and more enduring — speech. New Zealand Day was abolished by the next (National) Government, who renamed it Waitangi Day.

Imaginative pageantry or tasteless vulgarity?
– NZ Herald review of the Aotearoa pageant

Key Cast & Crew

Ian Richards


Bill Kerekere


Bernard Kearns


Ken Law

Technical Producer

Dick Johnstone

Pageant Producer

Barry Leighton

Stage Manager

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Produced by

NZ Broadcasting Corporation

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