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Tusi Tamasese’s first feature tells the story of a taro farmer (real life farmer Fa’afiaula Sagote) who finds the courage to stand tall for his family and culture, and stand up to sceptical villagers. Variety called it “compelling drama”. Though previous films (eg. Flying Fox on a Freedom Tree) have told stories inspired by Samoan writers, The Orator is the first feature written and directed by a Samoan, and the first filmed in Samoan. In its debut at the prestigious Venice Film Festival it won a special jury mention in the Orizzonti (New Horizons) section.

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 Tusi Tamasese
 Iota Tanielu

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 Catherine Fitzgerald

Catherine Fitzgerald

The Orator is available for renting and buying on VOD on NZFILm ONDEMAND!/browse/film/43/the-orator-o-le-tulafale
It is also available in the USA on Hulu and Hulu Plus and on Amazon: and Xfinity

 fijian brother

fijian brother

looks like a great work, cant wait to see the full movie. Congratulations Tusi, congratulations Samoa.

 Sarah Harpur

Sarah Harpur

Hello, thank you for your query- I have updated the info box. It can be purchased from many retailers, including Fishpond

 faaleaga talanoa

faaleaga talanoa

I was trying to buy the DVD from the tab under the right side of the video box that says buy it, but it doesn't do anything. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

 Brenda Lockington

Brenda Lockington

Hi!!...I'm a Samoan but live in Fiji....I love Samoa whole heartedly and this film has so much meaning because back in Samoa in many places these kind of things are really happening and hats of to Tusi Tamasese and the actor Fa'afiaula Sagote for producing a film so realisitic......thank you....maybe someday all the other small people may stand up to these type of things.....LOVE IT....

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 Blueskin Films


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The weather was destroying everything during shooting — at home it's so unpredictable. It will rain one minute and be very sunny the next. It's very, very hot. I'm really grateful that I picked the right crew. 
At the beginning you see this unusual leading man and you grow to love him, his face, his strength, his suffering, his generosity, and you are there with him. 


2012 Sorta Unofficial New Zealand Film Awards
Best Film
Director: Tusi Tamasese
Screenplay: Tusi Tamasese
Actor: Fa'afiaula Sagote
Actress: Tausili Pushparaj
Supporting Actress: Salamasina Mataia
Costume Designer: Kirsty Cameron
Sound: Tim Prebble, Chris Todd, Richard Flynn, Mike Hedges and Gilbert Lake

2011 Venice Film Festival
Special Mention in Orizzonti (New Horizons) section
Art Cinema Award from CICAE Jury (European arthouse cinema association)
CinemaAvvenire Best Film (Il cerchio non e rotondo Award) — given by a young persons' jury to the two films best promoting peace and dialogue between cultures

2011 Brisbane International Film Festival
Audience Award

2011 Asia Pacific Screen Awards
Nominated for Best Performance by an Actor: Fiaula Sanote

2011 Script Writers Awards of New Zealand
Nominated for Best Feature Film Script: Tusi Tamasese

Festivals include