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Thingee's eye popping out is one of the most famous moments on New Zealand television. The ocular incident occurred during filming of kids' TV show The Son of a Gunn Show (1992 - 1995). A one-eyed Thingee and unflappable Jason Gunn continue the scene regardless. Thingee was a puppet who debuted on After School, and appeared in several children's shows (including What Now?), generally filmed from the shoulders up with one arm showing. Alan Henderson is rumoured to be the person behind the puppet. Thingee was retired from NZ TV when he returned to his home planet.


Thingee's Eye by Paul Casserly 12.03.2012

There's a generation who remember where they were when JFK was shot. These moments punctuate our lives like punctuation. I can even recall some kids wearing black armbands at school when John Lennon was rubbed out. Others can easily recall the ...

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I remember this scene but i can also remember another where
Thingees eye only came partly out and poor Jason could hardly
contain the giggles .... would love to see that scene again



Thingy is a duck!?!

Mind Blown



I remember that, funny.

 Rob Stowell

Rob Stowell

And further- Son of a Gunn was all pre-recorded, yeah. Children were not traumatised by this scene for some time.
Thingee is a wotchamacallum, not from this planet. Jason shortened it to Thingee- back in the old days words with more than 9 letters were not allowed on TV, it was too expensive.
And the rumour about Alan Henderson? I've met him in real life and he's nowhere near as funny as Thingee, and has a much shorter nose.

 Rob Stowell

Rob Stowell

I was on camera 3, I think. Thingee covered up so well (or I was so dumb) I didn't notice, til I saw another camera-person almost in stitches trying not to laugh :)
Glad I was there, as I forgot to turn for Gallipolli.

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