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This impressionistic, late 1960s survey traces Auckland from volcanic origins to a population of half a million people. Produced by the National Film Unit, it finds a city of "design and disorder" growing steadily but secure in its own skin as its populace basks in the summer sun. A wry, at times bemused, Hugh Macdonald script and an often frenetic, jazzy soundtrack accompany time honoured Queen City images: beaches and yachting, parks and bustling city streets, and an unpredictable climate given to humidity and sudden downpours.

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 Michael Heath-Caldwell

Michael Heath-Caldwell

Very comprehensive. Looked a well made film!

 Kees Snelders

Kees Snelders


 Andrew Foster

Andrew Foster

I found this video most fascinating and loved the soundtrack :)


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Young New Zealanders like to travel overseas for new experiences. This is the ambition of every 18 year old office girl and the destiny of almost every 18 month old lamb. 
Most Aucklanders are immensely proud of their city — its modern amenities, its climate, its continual struggle to be in vogue with overseas trends and its frenetic growth. 


1970 Edinburgh Film Festival
Certificate of Merit

1968 Pacific Asia Travel Association Conference
Third Prize: This Auckland

1967 Venice Film Festival
Lion of St Mark Plaque: This Auckland

1967 Tourfilm Festival (Czechoslovakia)
Tourism Film Prize: This Auckland