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Host Bob Parker opens the book on the life of 81 year old George Nepia. Considered by many to be the greatest rugby fullback ever, Nepia was the star of the 1924 All Blacks, the legendary 'Invincibles'. At just 19, he played every one of their 32 games as the team went unbeaten through the British Isles. Helping celebrate Nepia's life are legendary rugby journalist TP McLean and two of NZ rugby's other stellar fullbacks, Don Clark and Bob Scott. The Invincibles' kiwi mascot makes a special appearance, and Nepia performs his hit song 'Under a Maori Moon'. Nepia died later that year.


Credits (12)

 Malcolm Kemp
 Bob Parker
 Bill Ackland

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 Rob Vesty

Rob Vesty

What an amazing person George Nepia was. He is truly a legend in not only New Zealand but every rugby playing nation.

 Elizabeth Nepia-Jackson

Elizabeth Nepia-Jackson

I am doing a Power Point Presentation about koro George Nepia's life. I hope to honour his memory. I hope I can do justice to his memory as I am not the best of speakers. I feel overwhelmed actually but excited too, as I want to get it right. I got 74% for my assignment about a famous Maori Leader, I chose to write about my koro. I was hoping for higher marks lol but I am happy with my effort.

George Nepia was my beloved kuia, Georgina Pukewhinau Nepia Clay's first cousin, they were very close. (like brother and sister). My kuia always spoke about koro George.

Unfortunately, I did not have the privilege of meeting koro George Nepia.

 Elizabeth Nepia-Jackson

Elizabeth Nepia-Jackson

What an extremely fantastic human being koro George Nepia was. I am so proud to be a descendant of this great man. He was so talented in his chosen sport of international rugby and league. He was such a humble man in his wairua and very spiritual. I loved his autobiography, I George Nepia. Fantastic reading.



I enjoyed this thanks for sharing. What a legacy he leaves us all.

 Paul Ward

Paul Ward | website

@Miriama: there is a low-quality version available on NZ On Screen. Simply switch the the toggle at the bottom right of the player from 'high' to 'low' and push play. Nepia is also featured onsite in the rare footage from the All Blacks Invincibles Tour:
And his whanau are interviewed in the Legends of the All Blacks excerpt:
Let us know if you still have trouble viewing the clips ... enjoy!

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This Is Your Life. Good God! 
He had all of the qualities of a great rugby player plus — I think this is his paramount quality — a complete simplicity, a spirituality, which made him a devoted servant of the game for the whole of life.