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This vibrant NFU travelogue takes the pulse of NZ's capital after 125 years of Pākehā settlement and finds a "colourful, casual" city that has had to impose itself on the landscape to endure. Highlights include the 90 sec opening flyover, some off-the-wall music choices in the score and vox pops that are well shy of 'coolest little capital' chutzpah. The wind puts on a requisite show but so do the city's 32 miles of beaches, with a Riviera-esque Oriental Bay beaming on a good day. The mower on a rope trick looks dodgy to a more health and safety conscious age.

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 Michael G  Ryan
 Oxley Hughan
 Geoffrey Scott

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 Trevor Ayson

Trevor Ayson

This film was released in 1966, but was filmed at least two years before. How do I know that? All the cars have the old black on yellow number plates which were replaced in 1964 with the silver on black plates. Just an observation. Was great to see all the cars of my childhood :-)

 Mandy Toogood

Mandy Toogood

Amazing to see after all these years. I appear in it as an 8 year old along side my mother!

 Sara Smith

Sara Smith

What a great film. Thank you, it shows what a fantastic city Wellington is (and it's only got better over time)



What fantastic music!


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Now it looks like citizens compete to see who can perch a home in the most precarious position. 
Here is a town, fickle but fascinating, putting on a different face for each newcomer.