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  1. A full length archival documentary.


This promotional film showcases Tongariro National Park, New Zealand's oldest (and the world's fourth oldest) national park. The film covers the park's four seasons, from dandy spring days at the Chateau ("holiday headquarters") for the romance of bowls and moonlit mountain jazz; to the scenic and snow-sport thrills of the volcanoes in winter: Ketatahi springs, the crater lake, beech forest, trout fishing, and skiing on the slopes of Mount Ruapehu where "the only sound in the white stillness is the hiss of the tips streaking into the snow". 


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 Paul Ward

Paul Ward | website

@Gisele: here's a more recent journey through Tongariro - still not quite contemporary (1987) but part of an excellent Peter Hayden-presented series on NZ's national parks ...

 Gisele Mousseau

Gisele Mousseau

Fantastic video! I would like to see a newer version of the video. At the moment, my daughter is visiting the Park for a few days. Lucky her!



The people in this video are absolutely adorable. I love it.

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