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Made for the the Forest Service by the National Film Unit this instructional film demonstrates essential firearms safety. Like later cautionary tales (eg. cult bush safety film Such a Stupid Way to Die) the film dramatises what can happen when things go wrong, before a hunter imparts "the five basic safety rules" (with obligatory ciggie hanging from lower lip). The rendering of the lesson might be hokey (compared to the explicit traffic safety ads of the '90s and '00s) but the message is deadly serious, as ongoing hunting tragedy headlines attest.


Credits (6)

 Peter Hutt
 Geoffrey Scott
 Oxley Hughan

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 Better Safe than Sorry


Yes he’s sorry, but if it wasn’t for the fact that he’s such a lousy shooter, it’d be too late to be sorry. 
Positively identify your target. 
On an average, every week, one hunter is killed or injured as a result of unsafe firearms handling. 
Hey watch what you’re doing ya bloody fool! Are ya blind or some damn thing? What’s the matter with you!