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  1. Part one of three from this full length episode of Town and Around.

  2. Part two of three from this full length episode of Town and Around.

  3. Part three of three from this full length episode of Town and Around.


Presenter Keith Bracey picks out the highlights for 1969 from the northern edition of magazine show Town and Around. This end of year special features iconic turns by 'Kiwi gent' Barry Crump and sharp-shooting country singer Tex Morton, champion axeman Sonny Bolstad, plus an interview with English TV presenter (Pavlova Paradise author) Austin Mitchell, criticising the state of New Zealand's media. Overall Keith's picks focus on comedy, with probing coverage of garden gnomes and a man who uses a carrot as a musical instrument.

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 Austin Mitchell
 Keith Bracey

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 Morrissey Breen

Morrissey Breen

Rhys Jones squired Susan Baragwanath around town in the late 1960s.



Gawd no wonder we all went to Australia

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 NZ Broadcasting Corporation



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