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Geoff Murphy (Goodbye Pork Pie, Utu) directs this freewheeling adaptation of the Māori legend of Uenuku and his affair with the mist maiden Hinepūkohurangi. The story of love, betrayal, and rainbow redemption was the first Māori myth adapted for TV, and the first TV drama to be entirely performed in te reo (The Listener softened viewers by providing a translation prior to screening). Filmed at the Waimarama base of Murphy and cinematographer Alun Bollinger, Uenuku was produced by Peach Wemyss Astor for the NZBC — a then-rare independently produced drama. 

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 Dorothy Waetford

Dorothy Waetford

love the imagery, the ephemeral light captured on water, refracted light, the coastal landscape and waterways . . . a strong piece . . . beautiful work . . . te reo integral

Produced by

  • Acme Sausage Company
  • Peach Wemyss Astor


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A Maori-language film ahead of its time.