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Utu Redux Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 2013 Drama Action Māori

Utu Redux

Film (Trailer and Excerpts) – 2013 Drama Action Māori

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In 1983, director Geoff Murphy stormed out of the scrub of the nascent Kiwi film industry with a quadruple-barreled shotgun take on the great NZ colonial epic. Set during the New Zealand wars, this tale of a Māori leader (Anzac Wallace) and his bloody path to redress 'imbalance' became the second NZ film officially selected for Cannes, the second biggest local hit to that date (after Goodbye Pork Pie). A producer-driven recut was later shown in the US. This 2013 redux offers Utu “enhanced and restored”.

The glorious peak achievement of the new feature film culture that burgeoned here in the 70s, Geoff Murphy’s 1983 Utu is unveiled afresh in its ravishing, pictorial splendour. Here it is, our own turbulent history, transcribed with cinematic élan — and an elegiac, absurdist vision of the devil’s mischief in paradise.
– 2013 New Zealand International Film Festival programme

Produced by

Utu Productions


Available to buy and rent from NZ Film on Demand.


Utu Redux was funded by the initial equity partners in the production of the original film, the New Zealand Film Commission, the New Zealand Film Archive and Park Road Post Production, which also did all the technical restoration work. The offline edit was done at The Dub Shop and digital scanning by Weta Digital.


Score composed by John Charles.