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  1. Full-length short film (for New Zealand viewers only).


Valley of the Stereos is a comic face-off that starts tinny, but gleefully escalates to bass heavy, as a not-so-zen hippy (Danny Mulheron) gets caught up in a vale-blasting battle with the noisy bogan next door (Murray Keane). Made by many key Peter Jackson collaborators, the near-wordless pump up the volume tale was directed by George Port, shortly before he became founding member of Jackson's famed effects-house Weta Digital. Ironically Weta's computer-generated miracles would help render the stop motion imagery seen in the finale largely a thing of the past.


Pumping up the volume in Peka Peka by George Port 23.12.2011

Valley of the Stereos was a fun little project. Produced by Jim Booth and Peter Jackson, it was shot with old Technovision anamorphic 35mm cameras and lenses that were ...

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 George Port
 Costa Botes

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 Bevan Shortridge

Bevan Shortridge

I'm glad to see "Valley of the Stereos" up here. I don't think I've seen this since it was in the cinemas - showing before "Braindead" I think?

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 WingNut Films


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The magpie seemed to get a taste for human flesh and several times attacked cast and crew, usually aiming for men's private parts. 


1993 Imagfic (Madrid)
Best Short Film

Festivals include:
2002 Locarno (NZ showcase), 1993 Melbourne, 1993 Montreal, 1993 Hof, 1993 Oporto, 1993 Sydney, 1993 Semana Fantasia (Spain), 1993 Filmothek of Youth (Germany)