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Short Film (Full Length) – 2015

Parental Guidance

Made to tie in with director Joe Hitchcock’s feature debut Penny Black, Lapwing is a quirky homage to the camp superheroes of yesteryear, with costumes and a villain that would make Adam West's Batman feel right at home. When Lapwing (Sash Nixon) takes on the evil Dr Curem and finds himself outmatched, he needs the help of the aerially talented Mousegirl to conquer. Full of more mixed metaphors than you can shake to the brim, plus plenty of intentionally lo-fi special effects, the comic short features two heroes saving the day by biting the hand they're dealt.

My father used to say life is like a zebra — you can't change your spots. And if you find yourself in a difficult spot, just remember, you can always make new spots. And if you find yourself in a place where you can't make new spots, well sometimes, you've gotta bite the hand that you're dealt.
– Confusing life advice from Lapwing (Sash Nixon)

Key Cast & Crew

Profile image for Fiona Jackson

Fiona Jackson

Writer, Producer, Art Director

Generic Profile image for Sash Nixon

Sash Nixon

As: Lapwing

Profile image for Joe Hitchcock

Joe Hitchcock

Director, Writer, Editor

Generic Profile image for Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell

As: Dr Curem

Generic Profile image for Aimee Newton

Aimee Newton

As: Mousegirl

Generic Profile image for Mikee Carpinter

Mikee Carpinter


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Produced by

Jackson Hitchcock


Jackson Hitchcock


Soundtrack available via Bandcamp

Music composed by Jeremy Mayall, Chris Lam Sam and performed by the Scorelocks Collective