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"I always wanted to make videos that turn sound into form". So says musician Nigel Stanford about the video for this track, from 2014 album Solar Echoes. In the Shahir Daud-directed video, science meets art and music meets image, as sound waves create an array of visual patterns in water, fire and sand. The mad professors’ physics class employs the Tesla Coil, Chladni Plate and Ruben’s Tube to vivid effect. It took two days to shoot, eight months to complete, won Best Music Video at the 2015 Vodafone NZ Music Awards, and has been watched over 14 million times on YouTube.

Instead of playing a finished song completely through, the project’s approach was a different one. The song may have already existed in a raw version. But only individual sounds were recorded during the filming – which were later combined to form the completed song.
– Writer Simon E Fuchs in an article on the Cymatics project, Sennheiser website

Key Cast & Crew

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Shahir Daud


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Timur Civan