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  1. Full length Weekly Review newsreel.


This wartime edition of the NFU's newsreel series opens with a one and a half mile Wellington harbour swim at Evans Bay. Then it's up to Dannevirke for an A&P show for sheep dog trials and show jumping spills. The reel ends with a visit to the NZ Expeditionary Force's Christmas celebrations while fighting in Italy. There's mail from home, hospital romance, malarky in the snow as poultry and wine is chased, and Māori Battalion soldiers roast a pig. Ambulances are a reminder that war goes on; and on the frontline machine gun crews help keep "Jerry below ground".

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 Anzac Day Collection


The [A&P] show’s a chance for men of the land to get together, even if it’s only to consider a pig. 
After weeks and months on tinned bully beef this is certainly a sight worth watching [plucking of turkey]. Tomorrow will be a lovely day. 
Normally mail is a good morale builder: quite uplifting in fact.