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In this episode of her TV3 series for pre-schoolers, Suzy Cato creates a farm in her garden and uses songs, stories and animations to introduce a variety of animals. Chickens cluck, a mother pig and her three piglets bathe in mud, frogs catch flies with their tongues — and one of the chickens strays into the family of frogs and has to be returned home. Meanwhile, a baby bird hatches but can't immediately find its mother, the sock puppet family is seen in all of its extended glory and Suzy keeps proceedings moving with her ebullient friendliness.      


Credits (6)

 Rebecca Gillan
 Alice Gallaway
 Kate Guthrie

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See you see you later, it's time to say goodbye. See you See you later, I've really got to fly. So see you see you later, it's time for us to end. See you see you later, I'll be back again.  
Did you see Sarah Socks' Granny? She had a mum and a dad and uncles and aunties and all sorts of people in her whānau. Maybe you have uncles and aunties in your family. Or maybe you have piglets in your family?