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You and Me - Going to School

Television (Full Length Episode) – 1994

In this episode of her TV3 series for pre-schoolers, Suzy Cato uses songs, stories, animations and puppets to focus on a topic that will soon loom large for her audience — going to school. Suzy explores the mysteries of the schoolbag with its lunchbox and pencil case; and she tells a story about her own first day at school. A blackboard is used to name parts of the human body in English and Māori; and there are field inserts that take a bilingual look at different colours, and join a family preparing a picnic which they then take to the beach. 


I'm going to tell you about a girl who found a friend on her first day at school. The girl in the story is called Suzy. That's me!
– Suzy Cato

Key Cast & Crew

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Suzy Cato


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Katie Brockie

Director, Writer

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Alice Gallaway

Director, Writer

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Simon Henderson

Director, Writer

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Brent Walters

Technical Producer

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Doug Wright

Musical Producer

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Produced by

Kids TV


Made with funding from NZ On Air


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