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Best of You and Me - Volume One

Television (Full Length Episodes) – 1994

In the 1990s, presenter Suzy Cato's preschool show You and Me was required viewing for the smallest people in Kiwi households. Each episode Cato welcomes her viewers  her "friends" onto a cosy set with her trademark song before introducing a theme. In episode one of five, Cato plays skittles and rolls a dice to introduce counting skills. In episode two she makes sounds out of everyday kitchen utensils. Going to school is the focus in episode three and in episode five she explores self-portraits. There's also puppetry and story time. Cato also uses te reo Māori and her melodious voice to communicate concepts.

There were five little astronauts going to the moon, one stayed to close the door, and that left only four.
– Excerpt from a counting song, in episode four

Key Cast & Crew

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Simon Henderson

Director, Writer

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Rex Simpson

Executive Producer

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Suzy Cato


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Doug Wright

Musical Producer

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Katie Brockie

Director, Writer

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Alice Gallaway

Director, Writer

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Produced by

Kids TV


Rex Simpson