Best of the 90s

  • "He must be on something"

    Irrepressible king of 90s kids' TV Jason Gunn puts rumour to rest and dishes the truth on Thingee’s ocular accident. Read ›
  • End of History

    Paul Casserly muses on the glorious decade, from when we truly became a nation (Shortland Street's debut) to Kiwi firsts (Popstars). Read ›
  • News of the 90s: a late night date

    Whether it was Belinda Todd on Nightline or Marcus Lush on Newsnight the 90s and news were a dangerous late night liaison. 
  • 90s folk heroes

    The 90s delivered screen heroines aplenty (Scully, Phoebe), but NZ had real-life legends: The Ingham twins and Chloe of Wainuiomata.