New Zealand filmmakers have won an international reputation thanks to their knack for horror. Along the way they have won fulsome acclaim (Braindead, Housebound, The Ugly ) and occasional arguments as to what actually counts as a horror tale (Braindead, Under the Mountain, Trail Run). Early entries — starting with the mutant shenanigans of Death Warmed Up in 1984 — were often of the splatter variety, laden with gorey bits. This collection of Kiwi horror also finds room for visions inspired by Frankenstein, writer Margaret Mahy...and milk.


Short Film, 2019 (Full Length)

Death Warmed Up

Film, 1984 (Trailer, Excerpts, and Extras)

Mr Wrong

Film, 1985 (Trailer and Excerpts)

The Haunting of Barney Palmer

Television, 1986 (Full Length)

So Free

The Rickshaws, Music Video, 2008

Bride of Frankenstein

Toy Love, Music Video, 1980

What We Do in the Shadows

Film, 2014 (Trailer)


Film, 1992 (Trailer)

Rotting Hill

Short Film, 2011 (Full Length)


Film, 2014 (Trailer)

The Killian Curse - First Episode

Television, 2006 (Full Length Episode)

The Murder House

Short Film, 1998 (Full Length)

Moonrise (aka Grampire)

Film, 1992 (Trailer and Excerpts)

Black Sheep

Film, 2007 (Trailer, Excerpts, and Extras)

Ao-Terror-Oa - Episodes

Web, 2017 (Full Length Episodes)

About Face - The Lamb of God

Television, 1985 (Full Length)

Under the Mountain - The Alien World Below (Episode Four)

Television, 1981 (Full Length Episode)

The Ugly

Film, 1997 (Trailer and Excerpts)

The French Doors

Short Film, 2001 (Full Length)

When Night Falls

Film, 2007 (Full Length)

Next of Kin

Film, 1982 (Excerpts)

Trial Run

Film, 1984 (Trailer and Excerpts)

The Locals

Film, 2003 (Trailer and Excerpts)

Larger Than Life

Short Film, 1997 (Full Length)


Film, 2015 (Trailer)

A Haunting We Will Go - Cellar Ghost

Television, 1980 (Full Length Episode)



Television, 2001–2005


Film, 2017 (Trailer)

The Lost Tribe

Film, 1983 (Excerpts)

The Brain that Wouldn't Die

Tall Dwarfs, Music Video, 1984

The Irrefutable Truth about Demons

Film, 2000 (Trailer and Excerpts)

Jack Be Nimble

Film, 1993 (Trailer and Excerpts)

The Frighteners

Film, 1996 (Trailer)

The Devil's Rock

Film, 2011 (Trailer and Excerpts)

Freaky - First Episode

Television, 2003 (Full Length)

The Dead Room

Film, 2015 (Trailer)

Perfect Creature

Film, 2006 (Trailer and Excerpts)

Ghost Bride

Film, 2013 (Trailer)

I Survived a Zombie Holocaust

Film, 2014 (Trailer)

Fresh Meat

Film, 2012 (Trailer)


Film, 2010 (Trailer and Excerpts)

The Creakers

Short Film, 1997 (Full Length)

Trial Run

Film, 1984 (Trailer and Excerpts)