National Film Unit Collection

  • Information on how to see and get copies of NFU films

    Information on accessing and getting copies of National Film Unit films can be found here
  • Curating the collection

    National Film Unit expert Clive Sowry outlines some of the key titles in the NFU's history. Read more
  • Public service filmmaking

    Screen historian Roger Horrocks offers a brief history of the NFU. Read more
  • "When can you start?"

    Lynton Diggle remembers his work as a cameraman at the NFU. Read more
  • Drama at the NFU

    Director Paul Maunder recalls making a run of rule-breaking dramas for the NFU at in the 1970s. Read more
  • "...a sort of hideout for slackers and innovators ..."

    Director Sam Pillsbury remembers the NFU as "a hidden gem". Read more 
  • How to cut a film

    Director (and later censor) Arthur Everard writes about changes in filmmaking technology. Read more 
  • Ski ballet, architects and Red Moles

    Before finding fame as an actor Sam Neill was a director at the NFU; he describes his NFU days in this ScreenTalk video interview. Watch