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Hero image for RNZ Interview: Popstars - Peter Urlich & Gabe McDonnell

RNZ Interview: Popstars - Peter Urlich & Gabe McDonnell

Interview – 2022

Before there was Popstars, there was Popstars 22 years ago. The prototype for the latest Popstars hit our screens in 1999, and from it emerged the pop band TrueBliss. The show format went on to become an international franchise, and it's credited with inspiring shows like American Idol and The X Factor. Musician and former frontman of Th' Dudes, Peter Urlich, was the band's manager on the show, and a mentor post-show. Together with Gabe McDonnell from AudioCulture he talks to Jesse Mulligan about the TV phenomenon.

This audio interview was recorded for RNZ National's NZ Screen History series, which aired in 2021 as part of Afternoons with Jesse Mulligan. The content is copyright to RNZ, and may not be reproduced from NZ On Screen.