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Hero image for Robert Scott - Give It A Whirl Interview

Robert Scott - Give It A Whirl Interview

Interview – 2023

Songwriter, guitarist and artist Robert Scott has played in two key Flying Nun bands The Clean and The Bats — as well as forging a solo career. In this interview he describes the inner workings of both bands, and the organic way they operate. He also touches on songwriting and the importance of live performance.

Other highlights of this interview, which was recorded for 2003 TV series Give It A Whirl, include:

  • Waking up to The Gordons practising in his Dunedin bedroom
  • The ease of making The Clean's debut EP Boodle Boodle Boodle (2 minutes in)
  • The Bats' beginnings in 1982 as a "party band" for 21st parties (5 minutes in)
  • Playing at legendary New York punk venue CBGB on an American tour (12 minutes)
  • Influences on New Zealand music (16 minutes) 
  • How The Clean and The Bats created their unique sound (19 minutes)

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This interview was recorded for the 2003 season of TV series Give it a Whirl. All audiovisual content is copyright to Visionary Film & TV, and may not be reproduced.
The Clean dynamic? The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. It's just throw yourself into a song and then come out at the other end. We didn't really work on starts or beginnings you know; the middle was what mattered...
– Musician Robert Scott sums up the singular approach of The Clean, seven minutes into this interview