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Hero image for Radio with Pictures - Christchurch 1982

Radio with Pictures - Christchurch 1982

Television (Excerpts) – 1982

The Christchurch music scene of 1982 gets a once-over in this Radio With Pictures report. Rob White of The Star acts as critic and guide, describing what’s hot in the South Island’s biggest city. A young Richard Driver provides his insights into what makes Christchurch bands so good, while various out-of-towners marvel at the quality of the lighting and sound in the local live scene. Amongst the local bands in the spotlight are The Narcs, the short-lived Thanks to Llamas and the Dance Exponents, who less than four months before this appearance had released their debut single 'Victoria'.

Christchurch is an incestuous little burg, musically. There's three or four pockets of people who play a lot with each other and almost form bands but not quite, and sometimes form bands and form other ones all over the place.
– Chris Knox