Presenter Clarke Gayford has made a living doing what he loves. After leaving NZ Broadcasting School Gayford successfully pitched student show Cow TV to Dunedin’s Channel 9, before heading north to Auckland where he worked for C4.  He was a host on the United Travel Getaway in 2007, and in 2010 was brought in as presenter on the third season of Extraordinary Kiwis. In 2016 he teamed up with producer Mike Bhana to make Fish of the Day, a series in which Gayford travels the Pacific fishing and finding recipes for his catches. The show won Best Lifestyle Show at the 2016 Houston International Film Festival.

I know people waiting for that day when they will be 65 and successful... They go to work before the light comes up, they're not happy in their jobs, they've over-leveraged into a mortgage they can't afford, but oh my God, how successful are they! And you go, 'well, how successful are you?' Because on Wednesday it was a nice day and I went fishing. Clarke Gayford, in the NZ Herald, 18 July 2016

Fish of the Day

2016, Presenter

Nz story   helena mcalpine thumb.jpg.540x405

NZ Story - Helena McAlpine, Living Every Moment

2013, Subject - Television

The first episode of Jam TV’s 2013 series on inspirational Kiwis follows Helena McAlpine’s journey as she deals with terminal breast cancer. The ebullient spirit of the ex-C4 presenter permeates the episode, as she talks about her mental health struggles, her bucket list, living in the fast line, fishing with mate Clarke Gayford, leaving her daughter without a mum, advocacy work for cancer awareness campaigns, and the ‘McAlpine theory on life’ — choose to be happy. “I really don’t see myself as a sack of sadness”. McAlpine died on 23 September 2015.


Not Given Lightly

2012, Subject - Music video

After being diagnosed with breast cancer, TV presenter Helena McAlpine enlisted a chorus of NZ's most recognisable music voices to cover Chris Knox’s classic love song. McAlpine was determined that mothers, daughters, wives and friends get the message that the “best form of defence against breast cancer is to catch it early”. Directed by Toa Fraser, the video for the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation awareness campaign shows a run of well-known Kiwis holding pictures of women they love, in front of a backdrop of Derek Henderson photos. McAlpine died on 23 September 2015.


My Kind of Place

2011, Subject - Television


Extraordinary Kiwis - Dan Carter

2010, Presenter - Television

Clarke Gayford spends a day with the All Blacks' star first five-eighth. A thoroughly modern rugby player, Dan Carter talks about his underwear commercials and is seen in his Italian clothing store and being made up with fake sweat for a photo shoot. The flip side is an unwavering commitment to his craft, and a training and fitness regime that leaves Gayford gasping. Carter recalls his father building him goalposts in the backyard when he was a boy — and demonstrates the goal kicking technique that has made him the All Blacks’ leading points scorer.


7 Days

2015, Writer - Television

Well-received comedy panel series 7 Days debuted on TV3 in 2009. The show takes an irreverent look at the past week in the news with such regular segments as “my kid could draw that” and “what’s the taxi driver talking about”. Jeremy Corbett hosts, and there are two teams of regular and guest comedians including Ben Hurley, Jeremy Elwood, Dai Henwood and Paul Ego. Corbett says 7 Days is the comedy show he has always wanted to make.


Ultimate Guinness World Records

2008, Presenter - Television


United Travel Getaway - Clarke Gayford and Hayley Holt in Lake Wakitipu

2008, Presenter - Television

This excerpt from the United Travel-sponsored travel show features presenter Clarke Gayford showing viewers around the Blanket Bay luxury lodge, on the shores of Lake Wakatipu near Queenstown. Gayford is joined by champion snowboarder (and Dancing with the Stars dancer) Hayley Holt for some heli-snowboarding, followed by an après ski spa and beer. For snow fans, the item features spectacular backcountry boarding runs. United Travel Getaway screened on Prime Television in 2007.

Extraordinary kiwis antarctica key image.jpg.540x405

Extraordinary Kiwis - Clarke in Antarctica

2008, Presenter - Television

Each episode of Extraordinary Kiwis shines a spotlight on a particular Kiwi and the activities that make them extraordinary. In this third season pilot, Clarke Gayford spends some time in Antarctica with scientist Victoria Metcalf, who investigates how fish survive in such extreme cold and their use as bellwethers for climate change. The "very Auckland" Gayford learns to fish amongst the seals. Dealing with hooks and bait in -20°C conditions is challenging for the self-described "sook in the cold", but Gayford proves pretty handy with a rod.

The aa torque show e7s2 thumb.jpg.540x405

AA Torque Show - Series Two, Episode Seven

2007, Subject - Television

AA Torque Show was a Kiwi motoring show following in the wheelspun tracks of international hit Top Gear. In this episode from the second series, architect Roger Walker takes the new Audi TT off the drawing board for a spin on the Central Plateau; actor and host Danny Mulheron tries to convince superbike champ Aaron Slight that a convertible is more than “a hairdresser’s car” as they drive a Volvo and a BMW coupe to the Gladstone Pub in the Wairarapa; and it’s the final of the Motormouth Cup (“which C-lister will walk away with motoring’s glittering prize”?) 


Joker Poker

2007, Subject - Television

The aa torque show series thumb.jpg.540x405

AA Torque Show

2007, Subject - Television

This motoring show was a Kiwi take on the format that Top Gear made globally famous: motorheads reviewing and having fun in machines that go fast. The first season screened on TV One in 2006; the second screened on Prime the following year. Presenters were actor and director Danny Mulheron, architect Roger Walker, and, joining them for the second season, superbike rider Aaron Slight. Aside from the car reviews, the show included segments like the Motormouth Cup, where Kiwi celebs raced each other to see who could clock the fastest lap on the test track.

Extraordinary kiwis series key image.jpg.540x405

Extraordinary Kiwis

2010, Presenter - Television

Extraordinary Kiwis screened over three series for Prime TV. Each episode showcases a New Zealander in their natural habitat and looks at what makes them extraordinary; subjects ranged from household names (Scott Dixon, Colin Meads) to unsung heroes. The third season put a presenter onscreen, with Clarke Gayford willingly stepping up to the plate Paper Lion-style to experience the subject's world: from trying to keep up with All Black star Dan Carter, to duck shooting with a fashion designer, fishing in Antarctica, and playing for laughs as a stand-up comedian.


A List

2003, Presenter - Television



2004, Presenter - Television


Cow TV

1998, Producer, Presenter, Director - Television


United Travel Getaway

2007, Presenter - Television

Celebrity treasure island    series thumb.jpg.540x405

Treasure Island/Celebrity Treasure Island

1999, Contestant - Television

Treasure Island was an early local example of a reality show staple — contestants endured the great outdoors, and each other. Over nine seasons the series went through multiple variations, including a Couples at War season, and another featuring favourites from the past. During the 2004 season of Celebrity Treasure Island, contestant Lana Coc-Kroft was airlifted from Fiji, after she cut her foot on coral and got a life-threatening blood-poisoning disease. On 2002's Treasure Island: Extreme, Barrie Rice — an ex SAS soldier — dealt with being eliminated by hiding in the jungle.